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Industrias La Constancia alineado en gestión de agua a Naciones Unidas.

“Agua para Nejapa” es parte de un “Mundo Resiliente” de Industrias La Constancia

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Industrias La Constancia (ILC) piden diálogo para la aprobación de Ley del Agua en El Salvador

En Industrias La Constancia consideramos que el agua es un derecho humano y es necesario contribuir a su sostenibilidad.

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Vicepresidente alaba gestión de agua de Industrias La Constancia en El Salvador.

348 familias del municipio de Nejapa, El Salvador, cuentan con acceso a agua potable gracias a un asocio publico privado entre ANDA e Industrias La Constancia (ILC).

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On February 2016, a historical month, ANDA and Industrias La Constancia (ILC) - SABMiller reached an agreement for water infrastructure. This was the first time a private company (ILCSABMiller) gets involved with ANDA in infrastructure construction. 303 families are being favored with a permanent solution for water access with this public-private agreement. 

The residents of Tutultepeque, Nejapa, have made great sacrifices to get water, which create daily family challenges for survival. They walked long distances, carrying pitchers and filling barrels, to get small amounts of water. As a shared vision for water rights, we believe this Nejapa Water Project will have a relevant impact on human development for the Nejapa area in El Salvador.

The Nejapa community, which has made great sacrifices to get water for more than 20 years, has embraced this project with great optimism as their hope of having water in their homes is becoming a reality. 



Get to know all the projects that are allowing more families in Nejapa, El Salvador, to have access to potable water:


Access to Water and Sanitation

  At Industrias La Constancia - SABMiller we believe that access to potable water is a fundamental right. Therefore, we stand by the side of the people of Nejapa and we support the local families with different initiatives.      

Current situation

Sustainability Aquifer to Nejapa

Industrias La Constancia - SABMiller focuses on sustainable development, and has water as one of the bases in which they are working on, alongside local and national authorities, for the preservation of the Nejapa's aquifer.

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