April 29, 2016

Potable water gets to communities at Nejapa

Ana Gladis Martínez, resident of El Chirrinal, is one of the 144 families of that community in Nejapa that have access to potable water. She remembers that during her childhood she had to do 3 trips a day to get water before leaving to school. Now her 3 daughters don’t face that problem, as their lives have changed with the project promoted by Industrias La Constancia - SABMiller together with ANDA. The youngest of her daughters is 7 years old, and now she goes to school with no water problems.

The joy of having water is seen in all her daily activities, as she can now wash fruit and vegetables, do laundry and bathe with potable water. The pitcher days are now in the past, they will remain now as memory and the story will be different for her daughters now enjoy the right of having water.

El Chirrinal is one of the communities that has been benefited with this water supplying project. Other communities in the area are Casco La Hacienda, Ceiba Rosales, El Pozo, El Puerto, El Gramal and La Escuela.

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