April 29, 2016

The meaning of potable water in a drawing

For more than half a day, a group of students from centro Educativo Cantón Tutultepeque decided to show their artistic skills for painting to show their feelings on a mural that symbolizes their joy of having access to potable water, as now it is a reality in several communities in Nejapa.

This mural was created by 13 children between 9 and 14 years old, who took the brushes and paints willingly to create this work that will remain as a seal for the 348 benefited families of this water supplying project. The passion showed by each one of them was captured on every trace, obtaining a combination of colors that according to Michelle expresses joy, life and healthiness.

As the children worked on the mural in their own way, they talked about the importance of taking care of water as a way to protect the environment of El Salvador. This is a vital resource according to Michelle who was in charge of guiding this artwork inspired in water, located on the surroundings of El Chirrinal.

The initiative of this children and young students is a way to show the whole country that we can move forward, and that we must take care and save vital resources as water the same way that is being taught at this school that attends 670 students through the knowledge of 20 teachers.



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