April 29, 2016

A dream come true for communities in Nejapa

The story of lack of water that the families of Nejapa have lived for many years has come to an end. Today, the communities of El Chirrinal, Ceiba Rosales, El Gramal, El Puerto and La Escuela among others have been benefited with the water project for the area that has been lead by Industrias La Constancia - SABMiller and ANDA. Children who study at Centro Educativo Cantón Tutultepeque have struggled with water problems since they were born, most of them had to carry pitchers from the river to their houses and took a bath when possible, but now their reality is different. According to principal Daysi Valle, a change has been noticed in the students ever since they have access to potable water.

Now that water is available, children from first grade to high school are learning how to take care of this precious liquid, since they know that it cannot be wasted and that saving it is necessary in both their houses and school. According to Valle, this is the best way to create awareness on protecting the environment.

The project of potable water developed by Industrias La Constancia - SABMiller and ANDA includes the construction of composting latrines to promote sanitation and prevent pollution, supplying at the same time irrigated fields that help to spread water on the land so that the harvest can be more productive

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