Access to Water and Sanitation


At Industrias La Constancia - SABMiller we believe that access to potable water is a fundamental right. Therefore, we stand by the side of the people of Nejapa and we support the local families with different initiatives.




Current situation

Nejapa is a poor municipality that has been forgotten on underdevelopment since it is out of the poverty map, as it is considered an “urban” area inside AMSS.

As of now, an approximate of 47.9% of the residents of Nejapa in El Salvador do not have access to potable water through plumbing. The rest of the municipality has a deficient access to water, since its infrastructure is obsolete or in bad conditions.

People from Nejapa make great sacrifices to get water. For them, it is a daily challenge for survival.


We want to contribute to change this reality.


Under this commitment, "Agua para Nejapa" is a Salvadoran comprehensive initiative, that seeks to contribute to the access of potable water for everyone in Nejapa, as well as sustainability for Nejapa’s aquifer.

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