Sustainability Aquifer to Nejapa

Industrias La Constancia - SABMiller focuses on sustainable development, and has water as one of the bases in which they are working on, alongside local and national authorities, for the preservation of the Nejapa's aquifer.

At Industrias La Constancia - SABMiller, we support people's right to have potable water, which is why we are working to promote equal, efficient, and sustainable access of this resource in Nejapa

Aligned with this premise, we have been working alongside these communities, as well as local and national authorities, on executing actions that seek to assure sustainability for Nejapa's Aquifer. 

The "Agua para Nejapa" initiative goes hand in hand with our global strategy, Prosperity, which is aligned with our vision of a world in which we can assure shared water resources. 



Monitoring Station

We believe in partnerships to provide solutions that will give sustainability to the Nejapa aquifer. One of the first steps is to set permanent monitoring that will help evaluate underground water and check its status continuously.

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Compensation Measures

Committed with the correct use of natural resources, mainly water, we perform a series of actions focused on the efficiency of its use in our operations, the preservation of its quality and its availability for everyone in the future.

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